Monday, December 3, 2012

Sudden Pizza Crust Experiment

Tonight was pizza night as I have a new pack of Mission Wraps lying at home. In order not to wait til it expire, I have to make something out of it. And the most enjoyable treat from using the wrap is making thin-crust pizza using it as base. 

Both my hubby and grandma likes it. But then, a pack of 8 slices usually is too much for us to finish in a meal. End up my itchy fingers does it job again, searching for something simple. 
Erm.. Perhaps something went wrong somewhere cos my crust was nt as thin as what was on Carol's blog. So sad huh. But hubby says not bad la, considering it is home-made crust and my generous toppings on the pizza sort of salvage it. Perhaps, I should 'itchy fingers' for some more experiments.
Speaking of pizza, I used to have to prepare something else for the kids as they can't really appreciate pizza. Today, I was surprised that my gal had 3 slices and my boy had 2. Both asked for more after that. Didn't gave more as they had fries and nuggets to go along. So it seems tt cooking is becoming easier day by day. =)

Pizza (adapted from Carol)
*I halve the recipe and end up with 2 x approx 6" pizza*
150g Plain flour
1tsp salt
7g Olive Oil
80g Water

1) Mix all ingredients together into smooth dough
2) Proof for 1 hour
3) Divide into 2 portion and stretch dough thin. Put pizza toppings
4) Bake at 210deg for 10-12min

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