Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Attempt on the 'Artistic' Swiss Roll

Again, hubby out of town and we went out for lunch with the kiddos, la~kopi and the routine of walking 1 round about NTUC. Sometimes really feel like I am becoming an auntie, looking for good bargains, see what is good to cook for my family, and also to stock up on my baking passion.. All the trials and errors, am glad that my family is so supportive to try and give the cold hard truth!!
Today, i decided to try it using Orange Juice from the leftover mandarin, instead of the water that the recipe calls for. And together with the free Orange Jam given when i bought the Strawberry Jam for my next attempt on Strawberry Swiss Roll. Haha, auntie right?? Finally, i succeed!! And i finally know the reason why i failed for the previous 2 times!! The balance batter, into the cupcake cases!!!
The piping for the Heart shapes
Leftover batter into cupcakes

My Finale - with the FOC Orange Jam from NTUC
So where did I get this recipe from? A kind friend in Facebook see me failed miserably for my 1st attempt, gave me this recipe instead. So i modify and changed the exterior design to Pink Hearts instead of the original Zebra stripes.

Moo Print Swiss Roll, adapted from Moooo
Cake Batter:
3 Egg Yolks
15g Sugar (i use 10g)
60ml Water (i tried with Milk, Orange Juice and both turns out ok)
40ml Oil (i use unsalted butter, Olive Oil and both also good)
1tsp Vanilla Essence (omit if u using juices or can replace with other flavour)
80g Cake Flour (i tried with Top Flour and works as well)

3 Egg Whites (i use 4 as I straight scoop out the stiff whites to mix for my piping)
50g Sugar (i used 30g)
1/4 tsp Cream of TarTar

Piping use
2-3Tbsp Batter
1 Egg White (i took from Meringue)
Colourings of your choice (jus a bit will do fine)

Mix the above batter as per order above, I use a hand whisk to whisk well and make sure no lumps
Just make sure you don't over mix
Egg White & Cream TarTar beat til frothy
Add sugar bit by bit, in 3-4 additions
Beat til egg whites can form stiff peaks.
Making the piping for exerior design:
Take out batter in another bowl for piping purpose, add colouring.
Add about 1 scoop of Meringue to above.
Put in piping and pipe your preferred design.
Bake at 170deg for 1 min, or until its 'harden' slighty
For Swiss Roll:
Fold in meringue in 3 additions. Be careful not to overmix or flatten the mixture too much
Pour over piped design and scrap the top flat. Knock 1-2 times and put in oven
Bake at 190deg for 12-15mins.
Prepare whipping cream:
Whip 160g whipping cream with 15g sugar til stiff. (You may add flavourings of your choice)
Let cool before you put the whipping cream.
Wrap in cling film after rolling and let it set in fridge for 30mins.

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Priscilla said...

Anyway, verdict for the cake was good but never never use that Orange Jam i posted as it had a bitter aftertaste. It did injustice to my Swiss Roll!!