Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bread, Ice Cream & Laksa

Today had a very happy day cos it was the very first time I managed to bake such a soft and fluffly bread. I tried this Hokkaido Milk Bread from Christine's Recipes, made Chocolate and Strawberry (I modified it from Home-made Mango recipe) Ice Cream from Wokking Mum and Laksa for dinner using Gourmet Home Laksa Premix.
All was compliments, except for the Strawberry Ice Cream that didnt managed to meet my hubby's expectation. Fortunately the Chocolate did managed to 'pass' in some ways. Bread, almost finishing with just enough for some snacking before the little ones' bedtime and then for breakfast tommorrow. I am so gonna bake them again tommorrow.
Top view of Bread

Side View of Bread

The inside of bread

The fluffy-ness

Choc & Strawberry Ice Cream
 I am gonna share the recipe for the Laksa above.
1 pkt of Gourmet Home Laksa Premix
1 Cup of chopped dried shrimps
1 Tbsp of Sambal Chilli
1 Cup of Fresh Milk
2 Cups of water
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp Olive Oil
(u can see what ingredients u like. I use cockles, hard boiled egg, tau pok and fish cake.

Heat oil in pot, fry garlic til fragrant
Add sambal, choppped dried shrimps & premix
Add in water and boil
Add in ingredients of your choice
Add in milk after soup boils and taste. Leave aside
In a seperate pot, scald thick bee hoon, bean sprout. Leave aside
In a bowl, wash cockles and drain. Boil hot water, pour over and immediately pour away.
De-shell and leave aside.
After done, put bee hoon, bean sprout and ingredients nicely. Pour gravy over and serve with Laksa leaves.
Its really yummy but u need that extra dried shrimp and sambal to add flavour. If not its a bit 'light. With all the added flavours, hubby commented that it is nicer than those selling outside and no need go out eat Laksa anymore. So flattered. And for the bread, I am so making them again tommorrow and it will be a recipe for myself to keep for a soft loaf.. Happy cooking and enjoy.

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