Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Am so hooked on updating my blogs and dying to try more recipes since I have the time so that I can keep all the good recipes that I have tried or at least I can archive those I have tried before so I can always refer back when I needed them in future. I baked a Strawberry Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake by replacing some ingredients from the original recipe on friday afternoon for my relatives. Rested on saturday as last min had some appointments. So today had a mini spring clean for Hubby's work room, shifted a bit, clean up the hse and baked a Butter Cake and Pai Bao (Hongkong Sweet Buns) that is on my to-do list. Hahhaa..
Strawberry Cream Cheese Chiffon
 Personally, I find it a tad too dense and heavy, not really like the previous chiffon texture that I got. I wonder if i over-mix or somewhere went wrong. Anyway it used half Plain flour and Cake flour, so cld that be a reason? As for the recipe, I took out Banana and the Semi sweet choc and replaced it with chopped strawberry instead. Maybe I should try it again next time and follow the recipe exactly.
Basic Butter Cake

Basic Butter Cake - close up
I simply love this Butter cake, it is light and moist. So buttery and my hubby loves it. I think both my kids love it too. Gonna give some to my lovely neighbour for their supper or breakfast tommorrow. Let's share the 'fats', she always says..
Sweet Buns - in strips

Sweet Buns - round

Sweet bun - texture
I have always put this after the Hokkaido Milk Loaf for my next bakes. And i simply love the smell. Today i tried without the egg wash and see if it can stay soft longer and not have a hard outer case. The texture inside was soft. Yummy. Planning to make Pork Chop buns tommorrow..

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