Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday Lunch - Cream Sauce Pasta

Had a fulfilling saturday as I went for Coffee early with my hubby and little ones and also with Grandma, grab a pressie for Hubby's fren and I got a cheap buy for a Cardigan at $9.95 and a sleeveless top for $10. Hahaha.. Then came back home, made1 normal Strawberry Swiss Roll and 2 small Nutella Swiss Roll. Final verdict, Strawberry still the best for Hubby's taste bud and Nutella taste alright to me. And I have been having the 'deco' frenzy and experimenting with all different designs. And yes, I got myself a new colour - BLUE (i already have PINK, YELLOW, GREEN). Here are some of the pics..

strawberry & nutella
 As for sunday, with hubby need to catch up on some work stuff, so no eating out hence more time for him to finish up his work. If early, maybe can be lazy and go out for some dinner and replenish for home groceries. =)
Then i remembered that I have bought the Cooking Cream about a week back and haven got chance to cook as my Grandma doesnt eat creamy food. So since she went for a 'stay-ca-tion' at my sis place so why not? So there I go, went to see what I have in the fridge. And lucky me, I got some white mushrooms, ham and scallops. Ok, I admit, scallops for me and maybe for my little ones. Not so much for hubby as he is not really a seafood person. But I am short of Parmesan Cheese which I have been wanting to buy but seems like NTUC don't carry them anymore.
I have gotten the recipe from this blogger and have been 'bookmarking' it for the longest time and haven gotten to it. Now, I am sharing this yummy recipe and i believe the next attempt with Parmesan Cheese will be even better.
Ham & Mushroom Cream Pasta
Recipe adapted from creamy ham mushroom spaghetti
So after lunch, i am trying out another Bread Recipe from my FB Kakis again. A new method that I haven got the courage to try before - Tang Zhong Method. I hope it wont fail me and I can share with you all here too.. Happy Weekend!!!

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