Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some catchups on recipes - Tiramisu

My Happycall Group friends, I really don't know how to put it. But they are forever so friendly and willing to share good recipes and good bargains. I really love being in that group cos it gives me insipiration on what to cook, bake everyday.. Can never run out of ideas!! And yes, I got this recipe from Munch Ministry, given by Pauline Wong. Thanks babe, I am loving it but not 'naughty' enough la. Not much of alcohol taste, and need a better coffee. Already gotten some ingredients for 2nd attempt but i simply got too much items Q-ing in my To-Do-List already. HELP!!!
And yes, I forgot to take a pic of the side view when I was eating away. Shall remember to do that when I do the 2nd round with the Eggless Recipe.. Verdict from hubby, he don't really like it. But verdict from my relatives, they are ok with it. Felt so sinful eating it.. Haha.. Guess that's the prob with dessert. So yummy but so sinful!!
Tiramisu (with egg), adapted from Tiramisu

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