Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bento day

So inspired to make Bento meal for Irisa after being 'tempted' by AK in my Facebook group. Her 'pretty' meals for her girl really make me drool and so want to do it for Irisa. So I ordered some Bento cutter yesterday from Taobao, now waiting for them patiently and ran to Serangoon Nex - King & King Wong to get a Bear Bento Box, NTUC to get a PRINCESS Bento Box. Oh my, she is so SPOILT!! Anyway, I hope to be able to make a nicer creation when the cutter comes in. And i really need to wreck my brain for what side dishes to go along for her bento and also suitable for us, adults. Sounds like my backside itchy right??
These are the 2 Bento Boxes that I have gotten for her, the Bear if it last long enuf, I can double up for Rayshon when he can self-feed. Cute right? And why princess? Cos Irisa says she is a Princess!

Just a simple meal with meatballs w/corn & carrot, egg omelette, tomato w/potato served with porridge. So if you need the recipe of the steamed meatballs, here it is.
Steamed Meatballs
100g Minced Meat (Can be chix, pork or mixture)
1Tbsp Sesame Oil
1Tbsp Lt Sauce
1Tbsp Cornflour
Dash of pepper
Diced Carrots and frozen corns
Stir to mix well, add in carrots and corns.
Shaped into balls
Put on plate and steam for 5-10mins.
I hope I can come up with nicer Bento for her as i practise hard. Night people.

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