Monday, March 25, 2013

2nd Attempt at Tau Suan

Trying to make the dough fritters again, with an attempt to perfect the shape this time round. And my previous attempt of Tau Suan, I find it too much beans so I increased the amount of water to 1200ml. I also steam the beans slightly longer, for about 30mins. Apparently, the softness of the beans remain the same. Maybe cos its a cheaper brand, Giant house brand? Perhaps next round, I will try other brands, organic perhaps. 

Dough Fritters, I tried to pull it longer slightly, so it will be similar to how those Ah Peks does it at the market. Previous round, I kept on thinking it will expand so I only pull slightly. So today, I tried to cut a shorter and smaller dough portion and pull it longer.

End results is a nicer and softer texture, yummy!! I made mini and super mini fritters today! So cute...