Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tau Suan w/Home-made Dough Fritters

What's best to go with Dough Dritters else than Bak Kut Teh? Tau suan!! Been craving for this for many weeks, bought the mung beans and kept on putting it on hold. First, cos no time. Secondly, only me loves this dessert and worried my 1st attempt at cooking it will not PASS. I got very critic food tasters at home. Lol~ And since my fritters is a success, I must make my Tau Suan!

A lot of variation on the net but I decided to come up with my own proportion. Ingredients is about the same, Pandan leaves, rock sugar, mung beans and potato starch. I boil the amount of water + Pandan syrup according to the amount of mung beans n water proportion. So, here you go, my humble experiment.

Tau Suan
250g Mung Beans
800ml Water
2 knots of Pandan Leaves (approx 4-6 leaves)
Rock sugar to taste
Potato starch

1) Soak mung beans for 10mins, steam for 30mins
2) Bring water to boil, with Pandan leaves. Add rock sugar to taste
3) Add potato starch to thick consistency of own preference
4) Pour in mung beans and stir well
5) Serve with dough fritters.

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