Thursday, March 21, 2013

Subway Inspired Cookies

Someone posted the pic of the cookies in MFWL. And I have always been in love with Subway cookies. First, the dbl chocolate is very rich. Secondly, it is chewy and I do not have to worry about losing the cookie 'crisp'. Thirdly, I am a s*cker for it!! (And my hubby, my kids too)

So definetely I must try it. It has gotten a lot of raves and must-try from a few members so how can I not try?? And hubby & grandma seems to be recuperating well, I believe I can come up with some time for this. On top of that, I am meeting my GFs this Friday so I tot of making more for them to bring home.. =) And maybe a small fruit cake too. Let's see how time goes for me tml!! 

After baking them, I tried them immediately. I must say, they are really chewy and crispy on the outer ring. I must try again after letting them cool enough to see if it will be soft and chewy like Subway. According to Cindy, they were soft and chewy when she ate them at night on the day she baked. So I must be too kan Cheong! Lol~

Chewy Cookie (adapted from Dequeenkitchen)
113g Butter
85g Brown Sugar *i reduce 15g frm recipe
90g Sugar
1 egg
1/2tsp Vanilla Extract
192g Plain Flour
1/2tsp Baking Soda
White Chocolate Chips
Milk Chocolate Chips

1) Cream sugar & butter til smooth
2) Add egg & vanilla extract, mix well
3) Stir in plain flour & baking soda with spatula
4) Add in white chocolate chips & milk chocolate chips
5) Put spoonful of dough n freeze 5min b4 baking
6) Bake at 190deg for 10-15min or til browned.

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