Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 2nd Class - Basket Weave

Today is my 2nd class, so excited. RG told us to start creaming the cake once we reach cos he will be focusing on the piping technique for the basket weaving. Today I didn't take any videos, as I am feeling a little low on the sugar so I just learn visually.. Hee..

I am using a chiffon recipe today, but I beat the whites til soft soft peak, like 'flowy' consistency to make it less 'chiffon-y', kinda a bit between sponge cake and chiffon. I was kinda worried as I spoil my 1st cake using a sponge cake recipe by Aunty Yochana. I was rushing thru cooking dinner and preparing bread dough as well as baking my sponge. The cake end up burnt, crumbly and i had to feed it to Mr Bin! So I use my previous recipe and I ended up cooling the cake til almost 1am++.
Luckily the texture today is good, taste is good, and it goes well with the fruits and all. Hubby, grandma and the kids, even my neighbour gave Thumbs up!

I bake it into Longan cake, replacing the orange juice with Longan syrup using the Orange Chiffon recipe tt I baked previously. . I also found a video you can refer to it, very simple.

Next class will be cartoons, I can't wait!! Stay tune!

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