Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fishes Fishes

Today grandma need to go to poly clinic for her checks, so I am left alone with 2 tods in the morning. Which means I don't have the luxury to laze until 10am, and I have to wake up once both are up. I managed to keep them obedient til about 930am and I decided to wake up and make them pancake fishes using pancake mix from BC.

This buttermilk pancake mix is quite nice, not too sweet and a tinge of salt. It goes very well when u add chic chips to the fishes, as well as cheese. So since I have not made them for ages, so here I come.

I made a few variations - plain, cheese, cheese and chocolate, white & milk chocolate. I like the white & milk chocolate the best and why, cos I am a Chocolate Lover. I modify the recipe at the back of packaging slightly by making the batter thinner. 

These fishes really makes a good breakfast for the kids!!

Pancake Fishes
1pkt BC Buttermilk Pancake Mix
1cup + 50ml water

Chocolate Chips

1) Heat up pan, and brush oil/butter. *only for the 1st fish*
2) Using those steamboat scoop, scoop 1/2 ladle and spread well and cover the base of the fish
3) Put desired toppings and cover with another 1/2 scoop over toppings
4) Flip pan over the other side
5) Need to monitor both side til browned and its cooked

*if you want to make it plain, jus scoop 1 full scoop and fill up*


lena said...

they look like dorayaki too! the kids must be so excited seeing these fish pancakes :)

Priscilla said...

Lena, yes.. My gal had 2 at 1 go.. It tastes very nice when put cheese slices n choc chips... Yummy!

kitchen flavours said...

Such a fun pancake for the kids to enjoy!