Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another attempt at customised cookies

A dear fren of mine recommended her fren to ask me for customizing a cookie for her son's 7th birthday. Initially I was quite worried as I wasn't confident if customizing cookies as it isn't my forte to work with small items.. Lol~ I wanted to pass the deal to another baking fren who started her own shop but she was tied up so can't take the order so..... Yes, it falls back to me!

I decided to try the cut out cookies recipe from Angela and the icing recipe that I used previously. The recipe is similar to what Angela is using too. I modified slightly by adjusting the sugar to using caster sugar and brown sugar to 1:3 proportion and cut back the sugar by 40g from original recipe. I did 3x recipe and managed to have 45 gingerbread boy cut outs. It pays to have extras, from my past experiences..

So after cooling them, I pipe out the white shirt. The next afternoon, I do up the shorts. While I leave them to dry up, I proceed to make little books that says 'Bryan's 7' to be 'glued' to the little boy. I seriously hope the mummy will be satisfied and the little boy and frens will be happy to receive them.

Cut-out Butter Cookies (modified from AngelCookBakeLove)
450g Butter, soften
180g Caster Sugar
60g Brown Sugar
225g Eggs, slightly beaten (approx 4.5 eggs)
1tsp Vanilla extract
1050g Cake Flour

1) Beat butter and sugar til pale in yellow
2) Add in beaten eggs and mix well
3) Fold in flour using spatula
4) Chill dough in portions that you can to work with each time with cling film. Keep refrigerated for at least 15mins
5) Shape accordingly. Bake at 180deg for 20-30min or until browned.