Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Dough Fritters

I always have a problem when I cook Bak Kut Teh for dinner, I don't have a source of Dough Fritter near me cos I loves to dip them in the soup. Now my kids, seeing me eat like this, both of them also enjoys eating them in the soup too.. As the saying goes, monkey see monkey do!! (But I am not monkey hor)

I was afraid of failure cos it seems like so difficult and I don't have ammonia as per the recipe calls for. So I jus take a gamble n tried it. Yeah, I succeed. It taste like those selling outside and less saltish and it is fried with 'fresh' oil... Yummy. So now I don't have to worry when I wanna cook Bak Kut Teh!! 

Dough Fritters (adapted from Angie's Recipe)
**i halve the recipe for 8 mini fritters, about 10cm long
125g Plain Flour
1g Baking Soda
1g Baking Powder
2g Salt
78ml Lukewarm Water

1) Mix all ingredients in the bowl, except for water. 
2) Drizzle in water slowly as u mix, into a non-sticky and smooth dough. Rest for 1hour
3) Knead again and rest for 45mins
4) Heat up oil and cut dough into 5-7cm long, 2cm wide. Stack 2 pc together and use a skewer to press a line in the center on both sides.
**i sugg doing them up b4 heating oil as it fries up very fast
5) Deep fried til golden brown

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