Sunday, March 17, 2013

My 3rd Class - Cartoon Cakes

This week, we are supposed to learn chocolate piping of cartoon or any pictures that we want. So hubby requested for Man U logo since his birthday was coming and I could do that for his birthday. I initially wanted to try out Thomas for Rayshon birthday but decided to go with Man U as I don't want to come home with my gal complaining why no princess!! 

So I traced 2 pieces of the logo on a tracing paper, baked a orange chiffon or sponge cake as your wish. (Cos I feel the texture is somewhere between the both) I actually wanted to cream the cake with whipping cream but I don't know why my whipping cream curdle. So fed up.. So I have to take out my butter and go for SMBC.

I had a hard time creaming it as whipped cream is so smooth and much easier to cream as compared to buttercream. Now I knw why outside bakery uses whipped cream or fresh cream! So it's either I gotta put up with RG's comment or kanna 'scold' for my badly creamed cake. Never mind then, so long my logo is good!! All the attention will be on that instead. Ha~

Unfortunately, I didn't managed to go for the class as something happen at home. Luckily Angela, Sally & Cheria from MFWL is kind enuf to take video/tips and send to me, allowing me to have a chance to try it out at home.. Thanks dear. 

Pardon the lousy work, it's the WHITE compound that I fear to work with and also the small image tt I can't pipe the details nice nice lo.. It must be a big cake la.. Tis cake is only 7-8" big..

Method to pipe/transfer:
1) Melt the chocolate compound
2) Fill piping bag or using the tracing paper to make a piping bag. Cut a small hole
3) Get ready the 'traced' picture that you are using and pipe on the side which is without the pencil/pen marks. (Picture will be pipe opposite image)
4) Bring cake out frm freezer that is hard enough for you to transfer image
5) Put your picture, chocolate piping facing down and lie flat on cake surface
6) Using spatula, brush across to make the piped chocolate 'stick' on cake and slowly remove. Continue to press with fingers or spatula as u peel off tracing paper if the chocolate never stick on cake
7) You can use piping gel to colour your picture (I don't have colored gel as I attempt at home with tips my classmates)

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