Sunday, September 30, 2012

My encounter with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

After having the traditional buttercream cakes from Toastbox makes me want to make my own at home. I simply love the cake, the way it paired with the cream. Not too overwhelming and not that guilty conscious when you are having it, sharing with your kids. 
The only thing that is stopping me is the method to make it - Double boiling egg whites with sugar til sugar melts. Ermmm.... Seriously, I have no confident of not cooking my whites.. So, it has only been thoughts in my mind and remains that way for very long.
Finally, enough of just thinking, I decided to put my hands to it since I really really want and at the same time, I wanted to know if it really is stable enough to stay for 3-4 hours in rm temp for a friend's order that I will be using SMB to deco.
After referring to my previous bookmark, and remembering that someone in MFWL paired SMB with Hokkaido Chiffon, I decided to make Hokkaido chiffon for the cake base and use this recipe from TasteGoblet.

I also made 3 little chicks from the lemon butter batter to do a trial run for my girl's Playgroup Children Day giveaway..
Hokkaido Chiffon (refer to prev post)
Cake Batter - Lemon Butter 
2 yolks
35g Cake Flour
25g Oil
30g Milk

Cake Batter - Chocolate
2 yolks
30g Cake Flour
5g Coco Powder
25g Oil
30g Milk

4 Whites
60g Sugar

1) Whisk yolk lightly, add in wet ingredients and mix well
2) Add in flour and mix well
3) Fold in egg whites (dividing into 2 portion for above cake batter) gently and pour into tin
4) Bake at 180deg for 40-45min

Swiss Meringue Buttercream (adapted from TasteGoblet)
3 whites
1/2 Cup sugar 
150g Butter
1tsp Vanilla Essence
Colourings (optional)

1) Double-boil egg whites and sugar til sugar melts
*continue whisking til you don't feel mixture is grainy, about 3-5mins)
2) Put on stand mixer and beat til stiff peak
3) Add in butter slowly, after each addition, make sure butter is incorporated onto mixture
*mixture will appear very soupy,after adding in butter. Don't worry, contd to beat)
4) Continue to beat til mixture is thick and glossy
*it will takes about 7-15mins to reach that stage*
5) You can add essence or colourings at this stage and beat in
6) Buttercream is ready and you can use it

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