Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Advanced Happy Valentine's Day!

Been a while since I baked assorted bread. Today decided to use this recipe as the bread dough and make into different flavours - mini sausage buns, otah buns, mini hearts sausage and corn cheese bread, plus a larger vision braided loaf of it too.. 

I started the mixing of dough at 1030am and by the time I finished baking the 2 trays, it is almost 2pm. So I spent a total of 3hrs++ on them.  But the final results of seeing those buns, I am satisfied. They look yummy, not to mention soft too.. Definitely not comparable to bakery, but for home-baked, it is definitely healthier, fresher and with lots of love.

With Valentine's Day approaching, with my little hearts today, wishing all my readers and friends, An Advanced Happy Valentine's Day!! 


Victoria Bakes said...

lovely bread.... and like you said, it is home made, and baked with love... nothing beats that for sure

Jacqueline said...


May i know if i can use bread hook or using hand to knead because i dont have bread machine?

Priscilla Toh said...

Thanks Victoria....

Jacqueline, u can use break hook on ur mixer to knead, tat is wat I did before I had the bread machine to help. If not hand knead is good too. But I heard before quite tiring if u haven tried before.. I haven use my hands to knead yet though.. Hope it helps..