Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lemon Semolina Cake

The other day, Hubby went for a ex collit gathering as it was 1 of their bday. 1 of the ex collit, Auntie Annie brought a Orange Semolina Cake and hubby kept raving that it was very nice. He even gave me the recipe for it.

As it was my first attempt, I didn't really make much changes except that I used 1/2 water to mix with 1/2 lemon juice. And I really regret tt change I made. I was worried that the cake will turn out too sour so I didn't use fully lemon juice as per recipe. So now my cake isn't zesty enough..

The cake tasted not bad after all. I believe not as nice as Auntie Annie version. Her was Orange and I substitute with lemon. But it is definetely worth a try. And please follow recipe use fully lemon juice. I will try it again, this time am sure it will taste nice.

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Lemon Semolina Cake (can't credit recipe source as it was a image from Whatsapp Sorry)
**halve the recip
125g Butter
70g Sugar
60g Semolina 
60ml Lemon juice
1 grated lemon skin
2 Eggs
75g Top flour
1/2tsp Baking powder

1) Soak semolina in lemon juice for 30mins.
2) Cream butter and sugar til creamy. Add eggs gradually and continue beating.
3) Add semolina into butter mixture, as well as grated lemon skin. Mix.
4) Fold in flour mixed with baking powder. 
5) Bake at 180deg for 40mins or til skewer comes out clean.


Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

I have not use semolina to bake cakes before... This recipe looks interesting!


Priscilla Toh said...

Hi Zoe,

It's my first time too.. Taste not bad but need more lemon zest. N is think I might haf slightly over mix, a bit crumbly n hard.. Shall try again with original orange flavour.. =) If u tried do let me know...