Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple Happy Meal

The other day, I just baked  Italian Bread with mixed Fruits and since i was running out of ideas what to cook for lunch on a Friday, I decided to make sausage and cheese bread. I pair with the kids fav corn and chocolate fondue cereal. And of cos, both have their juice fix, since I aldy prepared strawberries for their snack in school. What's a little treat, chill orange juice? Haha~

I drizzled some salad cream, placed the sliced mini sausage on the bread, put shredded cheddar and little cubes of Laughing Cow cheese, dash of chopped Thyme. Wow, lunch is fixed. Baked for 10mins and it smell great. I microwaved the frozen corn for 30seconds, put into my gal's fav pink heart-shaped Cuppies, together with their favourite cereal and chilled juice. I think they would be thinking its great to be on a Friday! 

Therefore I am sharing this quick and simple meal with my readers, am sure it will solve some headaches for meal time. And not to mention when my older gal requested to have it for breakfast on some days as well as she wanna bring to school for snacks before enrichment classes. 

Mini Sausage and Cheese Bread
3 Slices of Bread (u can use any you like)
4 mini sausages, sliced
Some shredded cheddar
2 Laughing cow cheese, small cubes
Dash of chopped Thyme
1.5Tbsp Salad Cream

1) Prepare above ingredients, preheat oven and place sliced bread in baking tray.
2) Spread alad cream on bread, arrange sliced sausage on top. Gently out cheddar, then topped with cube cheese. Sprinkle chopped thyme on top.
3) Bake for 10mins at 180deg. Serve warm.

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