Thursday, February 20, 2014

Italian Bread with Dried Mixed Fruits

This morning I saw this post about the Italian Loaf in Facebook and is excited about the ingredients. I tried recipe before that doesn't uses milk and butter, the texture is less soft and fluffy as compared. Thought the taste is the same but the fluffiness is what my kids and family love about bread. So when I saw the picture that Rita posted in Facebook, I told myself I am so gonna try it.

I gotten the recipe from here and being kiasu, I halve the recipe. Anyway only hubby and 2 kids eating bread at home for this week. I added some dried fruits as I want to intro more fruits, in terms of dried and fresh too. I am adding some on alternate days to their Nestum cereal every morning too.. I think it is a good source of fibre in some ways too..

I use the Dough function as I wanted to braid into a Mixed a Fruit Braid Loaf, so look more appealing right? It is still not too sticky, quite easy to work with. I added the dried fruits once the dough come together and let it go through the proofing with the dough twice. Lazy lo.

Texture of bread is very crusty, soft n chewy texture. Hubby prefer the traditional soft bread so doesn't really work for him. I myself feels taste like those ang moh bread, like baguette texture.. Maybe shall shape into mini long loaf if I wanna make curry. And I just bookmark a new recipe to try again! Stay Tune!!

Kids having them for breakfast this morning, sliced away the crust, spread some kaya to go. Fuss free n complete with milo!

Italian Loaf with Dried Mixed Fruits (adapted from RitasVibrantKitchen)
150ml water
2 1/8cup Bread Flour
1Tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
1Tbsp Olive Oil
1tsp Instant Yeast

1) I put according to the sequence above, select menu 8. I added mixed fruits when the dough starts to come together.
2) Once it beeps, I punch out air and roll into a strips. I cut into 3, leaving the top intact and braided my dough. Proof for another hour or til double. Bake in BM with Bake function.

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