Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Strawberry Melon Bread

Knowing that my gal will definitely fall in love with this lovely pink coloured melon bread, I knew I haf to find time to try this when I first saw this. It's a simple bread bun, with a cookie dough on top, very similar to the Mexican buns I made previously. 

Since my gal always brings an extra snack on Wednesday before her enrichment class, I decided to try this today with hope that it will succeed and she be thrilled. And before I could send the bread to oven, she aldy asking if she could have it for snack when I told her to go for her afternoon nap.

The bread dough was slightly sticky, and instead of butter cubes as filling I choose strawberry jam as per her preference between Nutella or Strawberry filling. Great choice cos I always worried about them eating too much chocolate. 

Alright, my melon pan not as nice as the recipe source.. But overall, brings a smile to my gal face. They had 1, split into half for the 2 kids for afternoon snack. But my kids asked for 1 more. I bet this brings more joy than my imperfect melon cookie... Bread is soft and cookie is crispy as described by my gal.

Strawberry Melon Pan (adapted from DailyDelicious with slight modifications)
Bread Dough
70g Egg
130g Milk
300g Bread Flour
50g Sugar
8g Salt
1tsp Yeast

Pink Cookie Dough
30g Butter
30g Sugar
20g Egg
65g Cake flour
1tsp baking powder
Pink Colouring

1) Using my breadmaker, I choose Dough Function 8 and let it knead and first proof.
2) Meanwhile, I prepare the pink cookie dough. Beat Sugar, Butter and salt til light yellow.
Add yolk, vanilla extract and strawberry flavour. Mix well. (I used a tsp of strawberry jam)
3) Add colourings Cake flour and baking powder. Mix to a dough. (I put the dough in fridge while waiting for the bread dough to be ready)
4) Once bread is ready, punch out air and shaped into 30g balls. Rest 10mins. I wrap 4 buns with strawberry jam filling and leave the remaining plain.
5) Take out cookie dough and weigh 20g each, I flatten with my palm n cover the round buns. Using a knife, I carve out the lines. Proof for an hour or until double.
6) Bake at 189deg for 20-25mins.

**Make a total of 17x30g buns. I halve recipe for cookie dough and makes 8 Melon Pans and 9 Sugar buns.

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