Friday, February 7, 2014

Spinach & Minced Meat Omelette

Today had a sudden idea that struck me as I was preparing dinner. Lately little boy been nagging about eating vegetables. I decided to incorporate some vegetables into my omelette today. Egg omelette is my kids' fav, as well as my family. I usually only cook them as 1 of the dish whenever I ran out of ideas... 

I used spinach as it is ranked 1 of the most healthiest vegetables according to this site. Full of vitamins and I am sure it is good for everyone in the family... And hoping that my boy won't complain about having vegetables. Else than omelette, I fry a simple dish of garlic 小白菜 and ginger slice Chix winglets. Yummy!!

Dear readers, do give this dish a try if your little ones or your 'big' kids at home are not vegetables lover. It's really yummy, and added an extra crisp to the omelette.. 

Spinach & Minced Meat Omelette
4 Eggs
2 stalk of spinach, chopped lengthwise or as you prefer
25g Minced Meat, marinate with Lt Soy Sauce, Pepper, Sesame Oil
1tsp Fish Gravy
Dash of pepper

1) Beat eggs and add seasonings. Heat oil, fry minced meat, and add spinach when meat is 80% cooked.
2) Once meat and spinach is cooked, dish and add to beaten eggs. Heat a bit of oil, pour egg mixture in. Fry until both side is golden brown. Serve warm.

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