Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday My Princess

In a rush afternoon, with both kids back frm school and making tons of noise, fighting and playing.. I really had no mood for baking and decorating a cake. My gal asked for a castle cake, as she wants to be a princess for the castle. 

I use the same recipe for sponge with Optima Flour, mix a bit of strawberry jam and whipping cream as the cake filling. On a very lazy and limited time on hands, I used Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting to coat the cake. It taste sweet, which the kids will love, I personally felt it taste more like white chocolate than vanilla. 

But seriously I dun really like the texture as it is so difficult to coat properly. Had a hard time doing a good job with both kids screaming. I just had to make do with whatever my 'impatience' mood is coming up with.. Arghhh.. Nonetheless, it is a very fuss free idea, perhaps next time shld fridge a bit so it is not so soft and sticky? 

I did 3 layers, the higher side was 6 layers. It is made of Chocolate, Strawberry and Original sponge. I didn't had time for the side view as all the cake was gone very fast. Busy cutting and distributing to the little kids.

Personally, not very satisfied with the outcome but the kids actually go 'Wow' in school. And 5-6 classmates come back for 2nd helping. Am very happy that the whole cake was gone, except for a tiny slice. Most importantly, the end receiver likes it, that is the best reward!

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