Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cheesy Herb Mini Hotdog Roll

Tml is Fruit Day at school and this week just fly passed so quickly. Decided to make mini hotdog rolls as I just gotten some mini sausages from Cold Storage the other day as it was having some offer for 2 at $5.99. (And it has been ages since I make mini hotdog rolls.)

I decided to use the Cheese, Herbs and Ham loaf as the base, adding the cheese as the BM knead the bread dough, for 10 mini rolls, 15g per dough. Balance 350g goes to a simple plain braided Cheese Herbs Loaf. 

I seriously think it is soft and yummy. Definetely delicious as my boy had 3 at 1 go for tea break earlier on. The last one was grab away from my countertop and off he ran. I quickly packed them up, just in case all is gone b4 I could pack them into lunch boxes tml. (Most impt, hubby ate the loaf and said yummy.

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