Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mochi Cheese Puff

I have bookmarked this recipe as soon as I seen it. I know I must at least give it a try. Why? First, it is a very simple and straightforward recipe. Second, I know outside selling them quite ex. I saw Takashimaya selling them for a few bucks. Thirdly, I think it will be a hit with my kids.

So, after dinner, cleaning up and bathing the kids and all. I just had the spur to bake them. And since I only had 100g of Tapioca starch left, I decided to halve the recipe. Was a bit worried as batter is a bit of thick but thin consistency. Haha, sorry, I am really no good in describing my food... 

End results, I have 12 mini cheese puff. It's really chewy, like mochi texture and soft. Not sure if it's due to not using blender, I find cheese taste not strong enuf. I am thinking strawberry or chocolate milk to replace for nxt attempt..

Mocha Cheese Puff (adapted from MummyMoo)
**i halve recipe
65g Tapioca Starch
36g Olive Oil
80g Milk
1tsp Salt
25g Cheddar
25g Parmesan Cheese
1/2 Egg

1) I put all ingredients in a metal bowl and whisk til well mixed with a whisk. Approximately about 10mins.
2) I butter my mini muffin trays, scoop and fill each hole to the brim. Bake at 180deg for 20mins.
3) Serve warm or keep on airtight after cool.

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