Saturday, February 1, 2014

Advanced Happy 5th Birthday Irisa!!

This year, my gal set me another challenge - Princess Ariel Cake for our mini home celebration and a Castle Cake with her as the princess for her school party. 

2 cakes in a short 5 day gap! Yes, a challenge lo and it's so overwhelming with all the CNY prep, house visiting and all. I am gonna have to pace myself well, no chances for failure. So I am turning to the help of sponge mix. 

This post is about her Princess Ariel cake. I am using 2 different sponge. First, the PrimMix Chocolate Sponge Cake mix and using my usual recipe with Prima Optima Flour for a Strawberry Sponge Cake. Secondly, Daddy says no fondant on the cake as a real Ariel will please my gal more, as compared to a fondant figurine which will be thrown after the celebration and mummy's hardwork is wasted. (Kinda make sense rite?) Thirdly, I am using non-diary whipping cream, so I don't have to waste time making SMBC beforehand and it is easier to cover cake with cream as compared to SMBC..

I use 2 layers of strawberry and 1 layer of chocolate, with whipping cream and canned Longan bits. I cut a little space to place Ariel doll in, piped over the fish tail. Deco with sea animals candy and some chocolate rocks. Though many says it's nice but somehow I always feel not perfect yet. Haha.. High expectation huh....

Anyway, most important my gal loves it. Wishing her healthy, grow up guai guai and always listen to mummy and daddy.

**still prefer optima flour as sponge is softer n taste better....

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