Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Custard Pudding II

As mentioned in my post, I tried out both version from JustOneCookBook. I wanted to see the difference. Tis is so straightforward and easy to make. 

I steam over low heat but my pudding have a lot of air bubbles. And I think I should fill to so full, it sort of rise to the brim. I tasted it without the caramel, a bit like egg pudding to me. So again, shall wait for the review tonight..

Verdict: FAILED! My pudding appearance is way way different from the source. I may have over-steam? Texture wrong, taste wrong! Even my gal also can tell me this pudding not nice, as compared to the non-baked version

Custard Pudding (adapted from JustOneCookBook)
3 Eggs
240ml milk
3Tbsp Sugar
1tsp vanilla

1) whisk egg n sugar well. Add in milk and vanilla.
2) Strain mixture and steam for 10mins over low fire. Off fire and keep it covered for another 10mins.
3) Pour caramel sauce over and chill. Serve cold.

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