Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Custard Pudding

After handing in my 'instant' pudding, hubby tried and asked, 'I tot u wanna try the same pudding that PB is selling?' So, I guess it means that even though the instant ones taste not bad, he is looking for that familiar taste that is so delish.

After looking around, I am trying the recipe from JustOneCookBook. I am trying both her steamed pudding and non-baked/steamed pudding. Her non-baked/steamed version indeed was tedious, cos got minor cooking involved. But the steps are quite similar to cooking custard when I make ice cream so it is quite alright to me. 

I tasted a bit of the pudding mixture as I was pouring them into the pudding bottles, I think it is somewhere there. But I still need to get my food critics at home to try it. Feeling so excited..

Verdict: It's almost 90% similar to the ones frm PB. I just need to improve on the consistency of the pudding, maybe reduce 2g of Gelatine. It's definetely a keeper... (If only can lesser the steps)

Crime Caramel (adapted from JustOneCookBook)
4 yolks
1/3Cup Sugar
400ml Milk
1/2Cup Whipping Cream
10g Gelatine
4Tbsp Water
1tsp Vanilla

80g sugar
1/4Cup water
1/2Cup boiling water

1) Put gelatine into water, leave aside. Whisk yolk and sugar well. Heat 200ml milk til almost boil, slowly drizzle in to egg mixture. Pour back into pan and warm it up. 
2) When mixture is warm, add in Gelatine mixture and stir til Gelatine melts. Off fire and let mixture cool a while. 
3) Add in remaining milk, whipping cream and vanilla into mixture. Strain mixture and pour into measuring cup. 
4) Cook sugar and water, without stirring. Once colour turns to light brown, slowly swirl and off heat. Pour into pudding bottle. 
5) Pour mixture into pudding bottle and fridge for at least 1hour or til set. Serve cold. 


Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

I see that your puddings are all gone in one of your pictures.... Your food critics must be giving good "critics" for these puddings!


Baby Sumo said...

Practice makes perfect, and I am sure you would perfect this in no time! Your kids will be delighted. Thx for linking this to LTU!

Priscilla Toh said...

Yes Zoe...

Tks baby sumo!!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Thank you so much for trying my custard pudding recipe! :) <3