Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project 'Princess' for my niece

My sister told that my niece wants a Princess 3D cake for her school celebration so I take up the project. Been ages since my lesson with RG on the princess cake. I vividly remember that I pipe the dress til my hands shake and trembles. Remembering that I was also on the verge of sweating, despite doing that in an air con room. 

Today, weather was not really forgiving. Initially, the morning was cooling and heavy rain pour. Ended up the rain stopped very fast, as quickly as it came and it became humid once again. Sigh.. 

I baked the cake using Betty Crocker Cake Mix as I wanted to try out rainbow layers. I was afraid of my sponge cake will deflate fast so thought of trying the layers with cake mix, as I believed it won't collapse so fast. I came up with 4x6" layers and 2x4" layers. Eventually I only ended up using 4 layers as it is already very tall. As for the colors, I didn't use good quality colourings, only normal Red Man colourings, I guess it's time to invest in good ones for cakes. 


I use whipping cream cos it is easier to cream the cake, as well as piping it. I was racing with time, piping as fast as I could as I could feel the cream melting fast.. So stressful, and with screaming kids at home, it didnt seems to help. Finally, I ended up with a product that my gal, hubby and sis saying that it is nice. But to me, I feel there could be more improvements. Hahahah =) 

Anyway, this is my final product. Also submitting this to the Little Thumbs Up "Egg" event hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out, organized by Bake for Happy Kidsmy little favourite DIY.


angeline ong said...

What a pretty princess cake.

Zoe said...

Great job Priscilla! Your niece must be excited with her princess cake :D

Baby Sumo said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful princess cake. Wondering if I should attempt this since my daughter also wants a princess cake for her birthday this yr.

Priscilla Toh said...

Thanks Angeline & Zoe!

Baby Sumo,
Try it.. So fun... =)