Thursday, August 22, 2013

Light, delicious Comfort food

This week has been really lazy.. So so lazy, haven baked for almost a week. And today finally I remembered I got an order for customized cookies for next Monday! Oopsss..

Anyway, been tired and didn't want to cook up a feast and cleaning up after that. I decided to go for mainly 1-dish meal. I tried a few variety of food, seafood soup w/rice, luncheon meat porridge, fish slice porridge. My fav, Fish Slice Porridge cooked with Batang fish steak.

This is very simple, fast to prepare. I can get my dinner in 30mins, including preparation and cooking time. I added a little bit of minced meat balls and tomatoes as well. Try it, esp for working mums who need to rush home to cook. Healthy and nutritious..

Batang Fish Steak Porridge
1 Batang Fish Steak, deboned and marinate with cornflour, sesame oil and pepper
1 Tomato, wedged
3 slices of Ginger
1stalk Spring Onion, chopped
50g Minced Meat
1 1/2cup Rice, washed

1) Put rice, filled with about 800ml water. Add in ginger slice, tomato and the fish bone.
Bring to boil.
2) Take out the fish bone once it's cooked, u can still 'clean' up the flesh on the bone. Add in spring onions, minced meat.
3) Once rice is almost cooked, add in fish slices and cook til done. Serve warm.

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