Thursday, August 29, 2013

Piglets visiting again, by special request from daughter

This year, I got special request. 1 from my gal, she has been asking about it ever since she saw them from bakery. She is asking me to make the little piglets again. 

I did them last year, moulding them freehand and got a lot of comments from hubby lo. He says look like cows! Alamak.. So this year, I gave up! I bought the wooden piglet mould from Phoon Huat at $4. I decided to just throw my dough in, mould them and he will have nothing to say! Ha~

This year, mummy added 1tsp of Nutella to the piggies. So, it will be the kids' fav snack.. Irisa simply can't stop eating.... She can easily pop 3 piglet at a time... =)

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