Saturday, August 31, 2013

Salted Caramel Snowskin Mooncake II

Today I am trying the same Mooncake for the second time. Yesterday the filling was so yummy but the snowskin did not 'play' it's role well and compliment it. Just felt tt it gotta be improve.

It came to my mind that chocolate or coffee goes well with the salted caramel filling. And I remembered I bought a caramel chocolate coffee powder over the weekend and I can use that for my skin. I also decided to use the ice cream soda snowskin recipe that I tried last year. I think the ice cream snowskin texture, with my caramel chocolate coffee, it will go well? On top of that, I remembered that I bought a box of Reese Peanut Butter Balls the other time. So, I gonna plant a little surprise.

I feel that the skin is softer, with the aid of 7-up. (Oh, I can't find ice cream soda, seems out of stock) And the filling, after fridging it, it seems more easy to work with. But once I get to my 3rd filling to wrap around the balls, it soften aldy. So u need to work a bit at a time, and fast too. So now, resting in the fridge, waiting for tonight's verdict. 

Verdict: Skin is softer, in my views. But once again, the filling still overtake the skin's filling. As per what I tried at the Mooncake fair held at Taka. I saw 2 hotels selling Caramel Mooncakes as well. And yes, their skin also same, tasteless and all you can taste is the caramel filling.. 

Ice Cream Soda Snowskin Recipe (adapted from AuntyYochana)
20g Kou Fen
1/2tsp Caramel Chocolate Coffee Powder
8g Icing Sugar
6g Shortening
40g Ice Cream Soda

1) Put dry ingredients in bowl, mix well. Add in shortening and mix together.
2) Make a well, pour in ice cream soda. Knead well to form a dough.
3) Weigh out preferred portion and wrap with filling. 

*i am using 23g dough for 1tsp salted caramel filling + 1 peanut butter ball

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