Monday, August 26, 2013

Dessert Time

Been on my to-do to make caramel pudding for the big and small kids at home. I am seriously so lazy to put my hands down. Ended up, I gotten a pack of Happy Grass Soya BeanCurd and Tortally Jelly as short-cut.

Last weekend, we went to Jem shopping, ended up at Paris Baguette for our Pudding dose. It is really over priced at $4.50/btl for Mango and Strawberry flavour. But my kids really like it a lot, even hubby and myself. My fav is caramel pudding, which is original. I must really put my hands down to it SOON!

Back to the Soya BeanCurd, I managed to make 4 btls and a small bowl from the packet. Each bottle is about 90ml. Taste wise, I tried it after boiling and dissolving the sachet. It is not overwhelming sweet, light light soya fragrance. I would say it is very good for a cheap pack of instant mix. Good on lazy days when you want a simple a dessert. 

As for the jelly, I would not need to review, it has been a childhood dessert that mostly my generation kids grow up eating. Now, it is my kids time. The colour, my gal's favourite. The flavour, also her favourite. And the dessert, am sure it is motivational for her to quickly finish up her dinner!

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