Thursday, August 29, 2013

Salted Caramel Mocha Snowskin Mooncake

This is hubby's request and also 1 of the challenge posed to myself. We first tasted Salted Caramel Mooncake at SweetSpot from MBS. We both caught caramel poison, butterscotch or anything equivalent. 

The skin is not too sweet, so the overall taste is just nice. It is very fragrance, the caramel fragrance and it is so so soft. The texture of the caramel 'paste' or filling is much much softer than the usual Mooncake filling. Very nice!!

I told hubby I will take the challenge to replicate and has been browsing for caramel recipe. Anything tt catches my attention, anything tt could be 'solid' enough for me to wrap. I tried 2 recipes before and it couldn't really harden. Finally I found this, it is supposedly to be able to use for tarts etc. So, can anot?

I first cooked with caution, very scared cos it is very hot if u come into contact with the sugar syrup when u r cooking it. And I also scared it will splatter. Stress!! Finally it thickens, brownish in colour so I off the fire, strain and leave aside. I wrapped for the very first time, still too liquid and it keeps breaking up the Snowskin. 

I return to boil again, trying to make it thicker. (Source says to re-cook again if it is not thick enough) So another 20mins of cooking, it seems harder.. And finally I can wrap but with caution cos it seems so soft. I left it in the fridge to 'SET'... 

Verdict: I am using mocha flavoring to add to RedMan Snowskin Premix. Super lazy, yes I know.. But in the process of trying so I just want to try. Taste wise, salted caramel is nice and not too sweet. But the Mocha Snowskin a bit bitter so doesn't really compliment the skin. So my nxt trial, to find another suitable skin.. Yummy!!

Thick Caramel (adapted from
*recipe is halve*
500ml Milk
1Cup Sugar
1/2tsp Baking Soda
Vanilla Extract

1) Put all together and bring to boil. Then simmer over low fire. Strain off the foam/froth as you simmer.
2) leave to cool and it will thicken up

***Do refer to video from source adapted from if you want visual aids***

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ivy sew said...

I like ping pei mooncake and also prefer the skin than the ingredients, hehehe... weird, isn't it?