Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vanilla Gelato w/Peanut Buttercups

The other day I made Vanilla Ice Creanm and decided to make Gelato version to compare the texture. And since hubby commented that it was sweet, I decided to cut halve for the Gelato recipe. Again, I added my Reese Peanut Buttercup, chopped. 

Today, sweetness was just nice. The peanut buttercups really compliment the vanilla gelato very well. My boy really love the taste so much tt he didn't want to stop eating. Only minus point was that the gelato melts real fast and freeze very hard as compared to the ice cream version. So it means around 5-10mins of thawing before eating..

Nonetheless, it's still super yummy for us!

Vanilla Gelato w/Peanut Buttercups (from the book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbet by Kumiko Yanase)
85ml Whipping Cream
300ml Milk
1/2 Vanilla Pod, seeds scrapped out *used 1 vanilla pod*
65g Sugar *reduced to 30g sugar*
Pinch of salt

1) Put all ingredients in a pot, keep stirring til almost boiling. (You will see bubbles forming at the side)
2) Strain mixture and put over a container of ice water to cool. Fridge for 3hours at least.
3) Churn mixture according to ice cream maker, freeze til firm. Serve.

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lena said...

adding the peanut butter cups into the gelato sounds really nice..i hv been thinking of making some ice cream for weeks..still no action yet :)