Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lazy meal for people who dun cook...

On a day when you shopped all day, kinda lazy and your last stop was Ikea with your gal saying she wants Sausage bun for dinner... Yes, I went ahead to grab 2 packs of sausage (since it was in offer at 2 for $4.80) & a pack of hotdog buns.

I think I took 20mins to cook this simple meal. Garnish with mayo & Chilli sauce, compliment by eggs & lettuce. Healthy!! Most impt, yummy!!
Sausage Bun
1pk sausage
2 eggs
1 mini romaine lettuce
1pk sausage bun

1) Cut slits on bun, leave aside. Boil sausage in a pot of water.
2) Wash lettuce, drain. Beat eggs n fry on non-stick pan. Cut into 5 slices.
3) Wrap lettuce, eggs and sausage last on bun. Drizzle mayo & Chilli or preferred dressing and serve.


Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

I can see what you mean... Sometimes, I wish to be lazy too and dun want to cook. Like your fast food idea :D


Baby Sumo said...

Hi Priscilla, sometimes all I want is a simple meal like this too ;)