Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vanilla w/Peanut Buttercups (& Dark Choc Bites) Ice Cream

Made vanilla ice cream from the same book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Yumiko Yanase. Using the same method as Salted Caramel Ice Cream, except that I don't have to melt the sugar. Very simple method.

Only difference today was using non-diary whipping cream & diary whipping in ratio of 1:1, trying out the difference in texture. Trying to see if I can churn something slightly thicker after chilling the vanilla custard mixture. Let's try.

I have tasted a bit of the custard mix, very rich vanilla taste. Hopefully the change in the cream will results in a different texture. 

Verdict: Indeed diary and non-diary whipping cream makes a difference. I churn my custard for 20mins and it is thicker than compared to the salted caramel ice cream which I used non-diary whipping cream. I didn't continue to churn cos the adapter was slightly hot, and I didn't had much time cos my gal gonna finish school. I off and layered with Reese Buttercups, chopped into bites, then freeze it. Yummy! Wonderful dessert for today!

Side note, hubby said tt it's too sweet so I transform into Vanilla w/Buttercups & Dark Choc bites. Nice~
Vanilla Ice Cream (from book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Yumiko Yanase)
3 yolks
75g Sugar
200ml Milk
200ml Whipping Cream (100ml non-diary & 100ml diary)
1/2 Vanilla Pod, seeds scrapped out 
*added 8 Reese Buttercups, chopped into bites

1) Whisk yolks and sugar til pale.
2) Bring milk, cream and vanilla pod to almost boiling. Pour halve mixture into egg mixture, whisk well.
3) Pour back into pot, continue to stir over low heat. Stir until thick and mixture can cover back of spoon.
4) Strain mixture and pour into container, put over pail of ice water. Whisk to bring temp down. 
Fridge for 3hours at least and churn according to ice cream maker instructions.
5) After churning, layer with buttercups bites and freeze til firm. Serve.


Baby Sumo said...

Hi Priscilla, I am already following your blog. The chocolate you use Frey, is also one of favorites - I especially like the white chocolate.

Priscilla Toh said...

Thanks dear... Oh, gt white choc too? Only saw tis dark choc the other time when there was a mini choc fair.. Really bitter, my fav... =)