Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream

I first saw this recipe, the Mango version. I saw it on Anncoo's FB & Blog, I am simply fascinated with the simple ingredients, no need to churn and there you have it, ice cream after fridging it. Yummy!

I replaced with blueberry, cooking into a thick sauce. Then using her method to fold in and mix and fridge. I try using the whipping cream from RG's class but I didn't managed to whip it up to stiff peaks. I think I didn't thaw properly so it didn't worked? Not too sure. Then I took out my Emborg Whipping cream and as I got bad experience whipping to stiff, I think I managed to beat to semi-stiff peaks only..

Steps are so simple. Taste is wonderful. I need to thaw for 5mins b4 I can scoop out.. Maybe my whipping cream is the cause or is it generally no-churn ice cream need to be thaw a while before serving? Maybe it's time to get a ice cream machine and so I can know the difference.

Try it, my kids love it.. Hubby too... ( I hint for a Ice cream machine!) Dessert after our simple Fried Rice dinner...

Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream (modified from AnncooJournal)
300g Blueberries (mix with 4Tbsp sugar + 1Tbsp Lemon juice and cook)
100g Sugar
140g Blueberry Yogurt
220ml Whipping Cream

1) Cook blueberry with above ingredients til thick and leave aside to cool.
2) Add yogurt & sugar together with Blueberry sauce. Mix well.
3) Whip whipping cream til stiff and fold in with the blueberry mixture. Pour into container and freeze overnight.


Ann Low said...

Priscilla, I think your ice cream becomes sorbet as it is too icy. Did place your cream in the freezer?

Priscilla Toh said...


I left my whipping cream in freezer, ice cream too...