Friday, July 19, 2013

烫面 Pandan Chiffon II

Challenge this chiffon again with home-made Pandan natural extract. This time I did use microwave, I use the stove to melt the butter & milk. I wanted to know what's the difference between using microwave to warm up the milk & butter over using stove top.

I did the Pandan extract a day before as you need to wait for the mixture to settle. After settle down, u can see 2 different shades of green. A darker one at bottom & lighter, translucent shade on top. You only use the concentrated juice and pour away the lighter green liquid. Smells good, I wonder how it will taste.

Using my previous attempt on the same recipe from HappyFlour, I follow exactly. I hope today's bake turns out even better... And I am using my new 8" mould that Shirley helped to buy. I simply love this type of traditional moulds. It has 'legs' that you can just overturn to cool the chiffon after baking. Loves...

Today the smell is so strong, I can smell the fragrance as I set it on the stove top to cool while I am cooking using the other side. Nice~ Sadly dunno what happen, my chiffon got waist le.. Sexy waist somemore.. Sob Sob =( Texture wise, soft and moist. I think it really does makes a difference when u boil and microwave... =)

Try it.. 

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