Monday, July 22, 2013

Fuss-Free Dinner & Yummy dessert

Today so tired and decided to go for a simple dinner. Oyster sauce Veg with Claypot Rice. I nearly forgotten I got this box of premix that I gotten previously with the Bryani Rice premix. Luckily haven expired and I still got the ingredients from making dumplings so.....

I added 1/2cup more of rice to the premix, and the amount can serve up to 4 adults & 2 lil ones. It is not too saltish and considered fragrant too.. (Esp for Premix pack) I ended the meal with a treat from my fren, her hubby baked Coffee Cheesecake with Salted Caramel. Yummy.

On top of that, today is Racial Harmony Day for for gal, so I dressed her in the new Vietnamese costume that my aunt gotten for her from her recent trip. And guess what, I bumped into BreadTalk selling the Hello Kitty breads & donuts. Got 2 for her afternoon snacks as well. 

Shoo shoo Monday Blues!!

Claypot Rice 
Ya is Claypot Rice premix
100g pork, cubes or slices
Mushroom, cut into halves
Marinate the above with oyster sauce, pepper, sesame oil

1) Pour contents of premix and marinated meat into rice cooker. I added 350ml of water. Cook as per how you cook rice normally.
2) Once cooked, leave it in cooker for another 15-20mins, open and mix rice. Serve warm.

Oyster Sauce Veg
1 Box Romaine Lettuce, Blanched
1Tbsp Sesame Oil + 1Tbsp Oyster Sauce+2Tbsp water from blanching veg

1) Blanch veg and mix the above marinate and pour over veg, sprinkle fried onions.

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