Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Request from hubby, message passed by my gal!

 Since the last episode of Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream, I have been waiting to bring myself to make another ice cream. Been browsing and browsing and finally I saw this recipe from the book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Kumiko Yanase. 

I borrowed this book frm the library cos I wanna try all the different types of ice cream & sherbet with my ice cream maker. The gelato are much simpler recipe, without eggs & ice cream are with eggs. As for sherbet, I doubt I will try cos no one in the family likes the texture, except maybe my kids. Anything cold, sweet means its yummy!!

The 1st recipe to try was the Salted Caramel, hubby told my gal to remind me to make this for him. Hahah~ I think I promised this when I bought the maker. Did I? I can't remember. Anyway the steps are simple cos I did this process before making the Cookies & Cream ice cream from Browneyedbaker previously. It yields a very creamy and yummy ice cream. I am hoping that this recipe would also yield that, and with the maker to churn, a better texture?

So, I prepared the mixture while my gal was in school. In the process of cooling down, I could let her do the job of pouring into the maker after dinner as a dessert tonight. I guess she is thrilled cos somehow it feels like she made it. Lol~ Simple way to cheer you lil ones at home.

Verdict: It is super yummy, not too sweet with the 'caramel' taste.. The only flaw was I couldn't enjoy straight after churning, I wonder why still soft and slightly runny. So I freeze overnight after churning, whisk it twice within an hour interval to break them up. The next morning, first thing was to check on it. Yummy!! Should really try it..

I am submitting this post to Cook Your Cookbook #2, hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (from Book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Kumiko Yanase)
50g Sugar
1Tbsp Water

3 Yolks
50g Sugar
100ml Whipping Cream
340ml Milk
Pinch of Salt
*1tsp Vanilla Extract

1) Take sugar and water in pot, cook over low fire. Stirring continuously. In the meantime, warm up whipping cream in microwave for 30seconds.
*note that my sugar becomes harden before melting again to form brownish syrup*
2) Beat yolks and sugar til pale yellow. 
3) Once sugar starts to browned, slowly add in warm whipping cream, drizzling on the back of spoon. 
*take note, it will platter so add a little at a time*
4) Add milk to mixture and stir til start to boil. Pour 1/2 mixture into yolk mixture, stirring continuously til sugar dissolves. 
5) Pour back into pot, stir til mixture becomes thick, can coat back of spoon. Off fire, cool over cold water. Fridge for 3-4hours.
5) Churn in ice cream maker. Put in airtight container then freeze til slightly form. Serve.


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Priscilla,
Looks like you have a "big kid" in your house! haha! My hubby is one too! He loves ice cream!
Your ice cream looks wonderful, salted caramel sounds delicious!
Thank you for sharing with CYB!

Priscilla Toh said...

Yeah, my 'big' kid is my food taster, n the lil ones r to finish up!! I dun really eat them.. =)

Victoria Bakes said...

this looks yummy!