Monday, July 29, 2013

Oyako-Don (Chix & Egg Rice Bowl)

After seeing those Katsu-don, typically Japanese rice bowl, somehow quite keen to try my hand at it. It looks very simple but the challenging part would be to cook the egg til watery but not raw, and u can slurp it with th rice & meat. Mmmm..

Anyway, I decided to go for a non-deep fried version, meaning I will néed to pan fried or stir fry the meat or whichever ingredients. Since I am preparing for the kids, I decided to go 'onion-less'. First, I am always picking out the onions when I have this outside. Secondly, I doubt the kids would love it either. In order to make it more 'whole, I added frozen peas, carrots, corn and chopped lettuce to the meal. I go for a 'Fish' version cos Fish is better for kids to eat. Right?

I did 2 versions today, the chicken version for adults and fish for my lil ones. My hubby added a lil sukiyaki sauce to his, and my gal had some tomato sauce to hers (remind me of omurice, so that is the next challenge!) Both me and my boy had it plain and we all cleaned up the bowls. It is so simple, yet complete meal. Good to cook when you are alone with kids or feeling super lazy yet guilty if you don't cook. (You know what I mean right?) I completed everything in less than 30mins, including preparing the ingredients.

Verdict: Super yummy, and the gravy from the dashi stock, the watery eggs, the combi of the lettuce & meat. One word - YUMMY!! I will definetely cook it again, even when I am not lazy..

Oyako-Don, Fish & Chicken version (I refer and modified from tofoodwithluv)
1 Slice of Chix Thigh Meat, sliced
1 Slice of Threadfin Fillet, sliced
**Marinate both with sesame oil, pepper & cornflour
Lettuce, cut into strips
2Tbsp Frozen Carrots, Peas & Corns
1/2Bunch Japanese Oyster Mushroom
4 eggs, beaten

Dashi Stock - I put a sachet of dashi soup mix into 3 Cups hot water. Soak while I prepare the ingredients. 

1) Prepare dashi stock, Cook rice. While waiting for rice, prepare all ingredients.

2) Fry fish slice in pan, add oyster mushroom and frozen veg. Once 50% cooked, add 1/2Cup of dashi stock and bring to boil. 
3) Scoop rice to bowl. Add lettuce to boiling ingredients, add in beaten eggs then swirl a little. Once eggs are almost cooked, off the fire and gently scoop over rice. Serve warm.
**repeat same method for chix**

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Emily said...

Lovely meal you made for your kids!