Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breads Again......

Was browsing thru some blogs yesterday and chanced upon this direct method bread recipe. I simply loved how the white bread loaf looks and immediately I wanna try it. I wanna see if it is really soft and nice. 

Up til today, I think I really tried numerous bread recipe and I am still trying more recipe that interest me. Anyway, my family or rather my hubby must have bread for breakfast everyday. And sometime he just grab a slice for supper before he goes to bed. (He hates going to bed hungry and I am always enduring the desire for SUPPER) 

This recipe is rather simple. I managed to use the mixer for around 20-25mins to mix and knead and it aldy reach the membrane stage. Ok, I admit that I am lazy. Only when it's direct method for bread, I definetely, confirm and chop to guarantee it reaches membrane stage. Why? I realized but I don't know if its true. I feel that direct method for bread, must reach membrane stage, if not the bread will nt be soft and fluffy. But bread recipe that require TangZhong or Paste or other complicated method, even if you don't test for the membrane stage and use your eyes to 'see' that it is soft and not sticky, it should usually turn out well. 99% success rate. 

On top of trying out the new recipe, I used back the Custard recipe for Wholemeal+Flaxseed powder  version. Supposedly flaxseed will help in my boy's irregular 'poo' problem and I finally saw this Organics brand selling it in powder form, so I grab a pack. And just trying it out for the 1st time.
The taste is Wholemeal flavour with a slight hint of flaxseed. Kinda worried if my boy will eat or not. But the bread is not dry and very soft and fluffy still. All the ingredients remains the same, 150g Bread Flour + 100g Wholemeal Flour + 10g Flaxseed Powder. This time I used milk powder. Refer to here for recipe.

For today's bread, I added a spoonful of blueberry filling and then roll them up. Just another crazy craving of mine. =) Bread texture wise, I still prefer the previous recipe, Custard Bread. This is soft but not as fluffy in my view. Overall, still considered good for a direct method recipe.

Pain De Mie (adapted from Bernice Kitchen)
*i 1/3 the recipe*
200g Bread Flour
16g Sugar
3g Salt
8g Milk Powder
130g Cold Water *I use cold milk*
2g Yeast
20g Butter

1) Mix all dry ingredients, add in cold milk and mix.
2) Once dough form, add in butter and knead til it is soft, elastic and smooth. It should pass the membrane stage.
3) Proof for 1hour or til doubled in size. 
4) Punch out air, roll out twice before shaping into dough. Proof another 1 hour.
5) Bake at 200deg for 50 mins

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