Friday, July 19, 2013

Sushi & Udon on a Friday

I saw this blog with all my favourite sushi recipes. Oh my, I so wanna sink my teeth into them. I tell myself, I should attempt again. Try and never give up!!

I finally couldn't wait, I decided to make them for dinner. And in case I fail, I prepare Udon too. For emergency purposes, I can still serve just Udon soup with Prawn Tempura. I decided to be lazy, I bought frozen tempura, frozen oyster coat with cornflour for the sides. I used some Tempuras for the Dragon roll. Made some California rolls as well. 

I refer to the recipe here for making the sushi rice. I finally succeed, and I reduce the vinegar slightly. I didn't pour the whole amount of vinegar mixture, I used about 2/3 of it. I started wrapping and wrapping and wrapping once all the preparation work is done. Guess what? I spent 2 hours on this meal today. It is 3X the amount of time I spent to cook 三菜一汤 lo. Phew. Sweat lo..

Luckily today I got positive feedbacks. Just that I need to improve on my wrapping, it seems a bit too big. And I can't keep my avocado slices on the top of sushi and tend to drop when we take with chopsticks. Nevertheless, I had fun, had a wonderful dinner and I shall attempt again soon.

Dragon Roll Sushi (reference from Justonecookbook)
Sushi Rice, about 3 cups. Refer to here
1/2 Cucumber, sliced into strips
4 Nori sheets
2 Avocado
8 Prawn Tempura
Some Salad dressing

Notes: I used frozen Tempuras so I just deep fried and cool them. Cut ingredients.
For visual aid, or the method to wrap, please refer to link above.


Amy said...

I love making sushi at home too. They are simply perfect for summer dinner. My kids love udon so I always make that with my suhsi night dinner as well. Great job on these! :)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Thank you so much for linking back to my Dragon Roll post. :) It takes some time to create your own sushi at home, but it's fun and rewarding experience. One quick tip - if you put less amount of rice, it's much easier to roll (won't be too thick). You should still be able to see nori between pieces of rice. Also if avocado is a little more ripe, then it's easier to bend. I am not very good at picking the right hardness for avocado and always have the same issue. Thank you again!