Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apple & Pork Ribs Soup

Hubby requested for Apple & Pork Ribs Soup. Been getting a few request for meal times, maybe I haven been cooking a lot of varieties. Hahaha~ 

Anyway I just roughly boil them, based on my own impression of what ingredients I see from those stall-bought or 三盅两件 version. I just grab a handful of the following ingredients with 4 big pieces of pork ribs and boil for 30-45mins.

Very flavourful and sweet soup from the red dates, longans and apples. Hubby gives thumbs up, my boy says very nice. Nice attempt. And we had steamed fish, baked nuggets, steam eggs and yummy veg from neighbor.

Apple & Pork Ribs Soup
1 Fuji Apple, cut into 6s
Handful of Red Dates
Handful of Dried Longan
Handful of 南杏北杏
Handful of 枸杞子
4pc of Pork Ribs (big cut)
800-1000ml water
Salt to taste

1) Wash pork ribs and bring to boil slightly in a pot of water. Wash and drain.
2) Cut apples, wash all the above ingredients and put aside.
3) Fill pot with water, add all ingredients except 枸杞子 and boil til apples and pork ribs are soft. Add 枸杞子last and boil a while, add salt to taste.

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