Saturday, July 27, 2013

Onde Onde.........

This has always been a childhood must-have when we had our afternoon snacks. I still remember when I was young, grandma always send me to the mini market near her place to buy some kueh kueh back. Usually she will ask for her green Onde onde, the Pandan flavour. Inside have some grated coconuts with brown sugar. Another is with just gula Melaka. 

This is 1 of my hubby's fav too. He likes to eat nice ones, slightly wet with the melted gula when you bite into it. The liquid will actually burst in your mouth. Sounds yummy huh! So when I saw Alan posting this in his blog, I so want to try them..

I know this is a favourite snacks, especially among the elderly in the family. I decided to make them and bring along to my uncle's son full month celebration as a treat. As well as to get feedbacks.. I prepare the dough and wrapped the filling nite before. Boil them on the morning before I went to the celebration. Fresh and not afraid of it turning bad..

Verdict: All have good feedback, the dough is not too hard like those you buy from outside. Filling is just nice, not too sweet. Very yummy! Even hubby and grandma gave Thumbs Up! Hurray..

After the celebration, we went for buffet at Kiseki, Orchard Central. Very worth the $$, but hate the service there. Yummy.. Some of the pics taken there...

Onde Onde (adapted from TravellingFoodies)
330g Sweet Potato
135g Glutinous Rice Flour
80ml Warm Water
150g Gula Melaka (I only used 75g, mix another 100g+75g palm sugar as filling)

50g Grated Coconut
2-3 Pandan Leaves
Pinch of Salt

1) Wash, peel and steam sweet potato for 20-30mins, or til soften. Cool and mash it.
2) Mix with flour and add water gradually. (Not necessary to use all water)
3) Steam grated coconuts with salt & Pandan leaves for 15mins. Meanwhile, weigh 15g dough + 5g Gula Melaka or 10g Coconut+palm sugar mix. 
4) Boil a pot of water, once boiling, add ready-rolled balls of Onde Onde into pot. Once float, dish out and strain. Roll into ready grated coconut. Serve immediately.

**I boil and cool them. Store in fridge and steam them for 5mins the next morning. Roll over steamed grated coconut and serve. 

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