Monday, July 15, 2013

Opening Ceremony - Naturai Ice Cream Maker

After endless nagging and pestering, I finally got down to it. Yes, making ice cream with the mini Ice Cream maker with my gal. She is so fascinated with the thoughts of making her own ice cream. And hubby got me a mini maker as I complain of the texture of the recent Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream is not sherbet, not ice cream either.

Went to Mayer in the hope of getting a budget oven, ended up getting a budget Ice Cream maker. I am so so fickleness as I still dunno is it worth to do mini Reno in my kitchen when I am not sure if I will shift, in the next 1-2 years? And my 'mini' tabletop seems to be working still fine. Arghh, jus cant make up my mind.

Back to the ice cream, I churn it for 30mins for the same recipe that I used, supposedly no-churn, and recommended was 20-40mins depending on how 'frozen' the bowl is. I freeze it over 2 nights so I tot, play safe and churn 30mins. I use it to churn 2x30mins as I didn't managed to pour in all into the 'mini' maker. Lol~ I freeze the 1st batch of ready ice cream, continue to churn the 2nd batch. I freeze the 2nd batch together and waited til after dinner as it is about time to cook dinner.

Texture wise, it is still kinda icy. I wonder if this recipe is not suitable for blueberries? Perhaps the thick cornstarch tt interfere from the blueberry sauce? I also not sure.... Perhaps I can try again another recipe that uses a Ice Cream Machine. 
Machine wise, small n compact for my tiny kitchen. Easy to dismantle and wash. But definetely would want a bigger maker in future to make bigger batch after going thru all the hassle rite? 

Lastly, the one who had the most fun out of it. My Princess!!

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