Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Madness Macarons (Pierre Herme recipe)

I googled for Pierre Herme recipe and saw a few bloggers who attempted the Macarons. I decided to follow this cos of the visual help. Haha~ 

After reading once, twice, thrice, I was really pressurized. The method is somewhat different, it intimidates me a lot. The sugar syrup, the drizzling part blah blah blah. Ohhhh~ Sounds so difficult. But I am determined to try. And the flavour, it's so gonna be Salted Caramel. 

Why Salted Caramel? This was the Macarons that wowed both me and and my hubby during our trip to Paris in May. Oh my, I am not a sweet tooth person, but then this isn't too sweet, tinge of saltish that makes the caramel taste wonderfully yummy, and the shell, it is soft but not chewy and feels like I am eating something that doesn't belong to EARTH!! Hahah~ Ok, I think a bit exaggerating.. But it is really yummy + delicious and must-try!! 

So, I slowly sieve my ground almonds cos I don't want to fail or end up with pimple-face Macarons shells, esp since the process is so tedious. I took almost an hour as I was sieving, pulsing this time and also feeding my kids lunch and getting #1 to school. So I can run home, make #2 nap and get down to work. And somewhat, I have a good feeling about it.. 

But my good feeling didnt last long, all the shells didnt have FEETS! Sad sad sad. But luckily it taste good. Hubby tried it with my leftover Lemon Vanilla Buttercream, he says it taste good. Would have been better with salted caramel, I guess.. I would definetely attempt again. And I suspect my failing point - candy thermometer to measure the temp. Must BUY!!

Salted Caramel Macarons (adapted from Theboywhobakes)
**i did 1/3 of recipe**
Macaron Shells
37g Egg Whites
5g Coffee Emulco
5g Egg Yolk Colourings *i omit*
100g Icing Sugar
100g Ground Almond

37g Egg Whites
25g Water
100g Sugar

1) Sieve ground almonds & icing sugar. Add egg white, coffee Emulco & colourings. Do not mix and leave aside.
2) Put sugar and water to cook, reaches 118deg and off fire. *i didn't measure, I jus stopped when all sugar melted* 
At the same time, beat egg whites til soft peaks.
3) Drizzle in sugar syrup at side of mixing bowl and contd to beat til it cools to 50deg *i contd to neat til stiff and glossy
4) Fold in 3 additions. Pipe onto parchment paper and rest for 30mins.

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