Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bulgogi Pork

Saw frens posting in Facebook of Korean BBQ, Bulgogi Chix & Pork. Wow~ I really crave for some. Seeing that I have balance shabu pork belly, I decided to just 'anyhow' fry some. Yes, ANYHOW!

I didn't marinate cos those shabu pork belly are thin slices of meat and I guess should be able to absorb the sauce marinate when I fry them. It taste yummy, not really spicy as the sauce says Hot & Spicy. A mild hint if spicy plus sweetness. I think both adult and children should be able to eat it.

It taste yummy when you eat it with plain rice. And I fry cabbage w/canned pork & prawns, ginger dark soy fish head for dinner as well. Ad I had more rice than usual. Hahah~ fulfilling lo.

Stir Fry Bulgogi Pork
1/2 Pack of Shabu Pork Belly
3Tbsp of Bulgogi Sauce
1/3 Carrot, strips

1) Wash pork belly and drain.
2) Stir fry garlic til fragrant. Add carrots & pork belly and fry briefly. 
3) Add a bit of water and sauce then mix well. Cooked til pork is cooked. Serve warm.

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