Monday, September 2, 2013

My 1st BreadMaker loaf!

Came home on a Sunday night, and I finally put my breadmaker into good use. I am baking a Wholemeal raisin loaf, using Carol's recipe that I used previously. I used this recipe previously, tweak a little into Wholemeal bread. Today I am substituting more Wholemeal flour as I finished up my last 200g of Bread flour. 

I measure all the ingredients quickly into the bread maker, settle down and waiting for it to be done. Hoping that my last minute decision on using this recipe, and the substitution will bake me a great loaf. Raisins are both hubby and the kids' favourite. And I hope they will enjoy their breakfast tml. 

Verdict: Goodness! This is so worth the $$ for my breadmaker! Imagine me & hubby staying awake, waiting for the bread to be done. And while its still super hot, we cut n spread it with jam.. Mmmm..

24两全麦面包🍞 (modified from Carol)
200g Bread Flour
100g Wholemeal Flour
10g sugar
1tsp Yeast
1 egg
15g Butter
150ml Milk

1) I put all the wet ingredients first, followed by butter then top with flour and yeast last. 
Set my machine to (1) Basic Loaf, Dark Crust. 

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